Terms and Conditions

TRIPAGES use and free publication of subscriptions

Terms and Conditions


Words and expressions used in these terms and conditions are defined as follows:

Member: the member who has taken out a subscription on the Tripages website

Economy member: the member who has taken out a free subscription on the Tripages website

Paying member: the member who has taken out a payable subscription on the Tripages website

General terms and conditions of TRIPAGES

These general terms and conditions govern the provision of free and paid-for online subscriptions provided by TRIPAGES on its website to the exclusion of all other conditions.

The member acknowledges that they are familiar with them and have accepted them unconditionally prior to placing the order, therefore confirmation of the order automatically implies that the member agrees to the present terms and conditions of sale that have the force of law between the parties.

Any departure from these general terms and conditions requires validation by written agreement from TRIPAGES to that effect.

TRIPAGES reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. The new terms and conditions will apply to any new offer or order, notwithstanding any prior relations entertained between TRIPAGES and the member.


The member who wishes either to subscribe to a free service or to place an order for a payable service is obliged to:

  1. Complete the identification form in which all requested contact details must be indicated.
  2. Complete all the data fields required to prepare the E*Page and/or subscription.
  3. If any, make payment according to the terms and conditions set out on the Tripages website.
  4. All data supplied together with the registered confirmation take the force of proof of the transaction. Confirmation carries the same force as signing and accepting the operations carried out.

TRIPAGES will communicate its confirmation of the recorded order by electronic mail.

TRIPAGES reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order in the event of a problem relating to the order received (non-compliant order, lack of essential information for example), in the event of an order placed by a customer known to be insolvent, in the event of refusal to accept payment by the payment platform used by TRIPAGES, or if there is a dispute such as one relating to a previous order and in that case, an email will be sent to the client.


Customer invoicing is carried out on the basis of the tariffs in force on the order date and on the prices indicated on the order form.

Subscription prices are given both in US dollars and can be exchanged to Uganda Shillings at the current market exchange rate.

TRIPAGES reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. The new prices will apply to all new orders or new offers.

The sale may be made exclusive of VAT, provided customers first inform TRIPAGES of their intra-community VAT number or alternatively if their country is not subject to VAT.

In all other cases, the quoted prices will be marked up by VAT levied at the rate applicable in Uganda on the order date.


Payment for subscriptions and services are made through Telegraphic Transfers, EFT, Cash, Cheques to TRIPAGES bank Account

TRIPAGES retains the right to block publication of an advertisement in the event of any payment incident until the outstanding sum relating to the order in question is paid in full.


Logos supplied by members must meet the technical specifications laid down by TRIPAGES.

TRIPAGES endeavors to publish all advertisements as they have been keyed in on line within 48 hours from the day the on-line order has been validated.

The subscription period shall be that provided in the contract.

The member may at any time request modifications on their E*Page account themselves or by contacting the customer service department, and may do so at any time throughout the duration of their advertising publication subscription. Some modifications may give rise to additional invoicing.

TRIPAGES reserves the right to proceed with verifications of the content of the E*Page following to its publication, and if necessary, may make linguistic and/or grammatical corrections to it where necessary and will not be held liable by the customer for this service.

TRIPAGES may also, at any time, and without notice, interrupt and/or refuse any publication or circulation of an E*Page on its site, and/or remove a hyperlink in an E*Page should the content directly or indirectly targeted tend to be considered contrary to regulations in force, primarily public order, public decency, morals, laws relating to competition, brands and advertising, and/or if TRIPAGES is served a legal injunction to remove access to disputed contentious matter.

The member expressly waives their rights to any recourse against TRIPAGES if the latter exercises its right of refusal or withdrawal.

Intellectual property

All the elements on the www.tripages.com site are protected by copyright and intellectual property law and this protection extends all over the world.

In order to fulfill the order, the member transfers a non-exclusive license to TRIPAGES for the intellectual property rights they hold on their elements such as their brand and logo, so that TRIPAGES can set, reproduce, communicate, modify, adapt these elements by all technical means and on all media.

Accordingly the member declares that they hold all the rights required and guarantees to protect TRIPAGES from any action of any nature regarding these intellectual property rights.

Personal data

Customer information and data are required for the purposes of order management and trading relations.

Pursuant to Ugandan law on data processing, customers have the right to access and correct personal data held on them.

To do so, they should simply write online to Customer Service at: info@tripages.com or by post to TRIPAGES, P.O Box 3293, Kampala, Uganda indicating the name of the organization and the e-mail address and if possible the customer reference.

Any information transmitted by a customer may be kept and used by TRIPAGES pursuant to the provisions set forth in the terms and conditions of our privacy and personal data protection policy, even if the subscriber does not finalize confirmation of the order.

Archiving - Proof

The computerized registers held by TRIPAGES will be considered by the parties as proof of the communications, orders, payments and transactions conducted between the parties.

Customer Service

Our customer service is available to provide further details or answer questions at the info@tripages.com address indicating the name of the organization as well as the e-mail address and the customer reference if possible.

Applicable law

These general terms and conditions of sale, together with all the operations targeted by the former and/or associated with the sale of its advertisements to its customers by TRIPAGES, are governed, interpreted and carried out in compliance with Ugandan law.

In the event of any dispute, the courts of the head office of TRIPAGES will be the only courts competent in the matter.

Privacy Policy

Terms and conditions

1. Gathering your personal data

1.1 The TRIPAGES website does not ask its Users for name-specific registration when simply consulting its service.

When browsing the www.tripages.com website some personal data is automatically generated.

This electronic identification data comprises:

-> connection data : the IP address of the User’s computer, the type and version of browser programme, the URL address visited and the version consulted;

-> Usage data: keywords types, search (es) carried out, sectors, fields and headings selected.

1.2 Other personal data may be communicated voluntarily by the User to TRIPAGES. This concerns all the data given by users and clients when filling in various website forms.

1.2 Other personal data may be communicated voluntarily by the User to TRIPAGES. This concerns all the data given by users and clients when filling in various website forms.

2.1 TRIPAGES undertakes to process personal data gathered on its www.tripages.com website in accordance with the following specific aims:

  • General operation of the TRIPAGES.com website;
  • Operation of services for registered or subscribed Users
  • Gathering and transmitting administrative information
  • Compiling statistics on traffic, use and surveys
  • Participation in games and tests
  • Collecting and replying to suggestions or requests for information
  • Communication security
  • Organization of commercial canvassing and marketing operations

In any event, TRIPAGES will only use your personal data for canvassing operations or other purposes that have no direct relation with our services in full compliance with legislation in effect with regard to personal data and privacy.

2.2 TRIPAGES keeps connection data (i.e.: data recovered by the User log) for a maximum period of one (01) year and does so only for the purposes of compiling statistics.

With regard to data given voluntarily by the User on the TRIPAGES.com website, TRIPAGES keeps these data for a maximum period of six (06) months following the last connection or contact by the User.

2.3 TRIPAGES does not sell, rent or market the personal data collected on the www.tripages.com website. TRIPAGES reserves the right to disclose the personal data that it collects in the following cases:

  • Transmission of certain personal data to trustworthy sub-contractors and partners in order to provide certain functionalities of the www.tripages.com website;
  • Transmission of request for information made by its commercial partners;
  • When TRIPAGES has obtained the prior consent of the Users or members concerned;
  • to comply with a legal or statutory obligation.

2.4 TRIPAGES reserves the right to contact user companies, those registered in free listing or members, in order to offer them new products or put forward new commercial offers. If a user does not want to receive these proposals and/or commercial offers, then that User may unsubscribe via an active link featured in each dispatch.

3. Security of your personal data

TRIPAGES uses several types of technology to guarantee the security and confidentiality of personal data recorded on its servers.

All data relating to its Users are processed on servers that are protected by firewalls against external intrusions.

Strict rules of access are applied in order to prevent non-authorized access, loss, improper use and modification of the stored personal data

Strict rules of access are applied in order to prevent non-authorized access, loss, improper use and modification of the stored personal data

4. Unsubscribing - Contacts

4.1 A company whose details are given in the free listing section of the Directory has the right to access, rectify and delete its data according to the conditions described in Clause 4.4 below.

4.2 Any User of the www.tripages.com website may object to the processing of their personal data

If a User receives an e-mail or letter that they do not wish to receive, they may:

  • either request that they no longer receive messages by clicking on the link “I no longer wish to receive e-mails” provided for this purpose in the message;
  • or contact TRIPAGES as indicated in Clause 4.4 below.

4.3 Any registered or subscribed company benefits from direct online access to all the personal data that has been gathered concerning them.

Such a company may, at any time, have access to the information given during their registration or subscription by logging onto my E*page.

4.4 Any User of the website and any company registered in the free listing or a member that wishes to contact TRIPAGES pursuant to their rights mentioned in this Article may do so by:

  • - either sending an e-mail to:info@tripages.com
  • - or sending a letter to: TRIPAGES P.O Box 3293, Kampala Uganda

4.5 TRIPAGES endeavors to satisfy requests concerning the personal data in their possession within a period of four (04) weeks following receipt of the request.

5. Application of these rules - Assignment of jurisdiction

5.1 TRIPAGES personal data protection policy does not apply to:

  • Websites independent from the website that has established a hyperlink or search block directing Users to service offers;
  • websites working in partnership with www.TRIPAGES.com that have integrated one of the services on their website (co-branding);
  • websites working in partnership with www.tripages.com that are accessible through integration in one of the offered services (co-branded websites);

TRIPAGES therefore advises its Users to consult the data protection policies applied by these different websites.

5.2 In the event of any major difficulty or dispute with TRIPAGES, the parties agree to seek an amicable solution.

These terms and conditions of use are governed by Ugandan law.

E*PAGE Terms and conditions

Each member of my E*page acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions of use of the my E*page services, which are described here below:

1. Common Provisions

1.1 Effective date and period of validity of the terms and conditions of use

My E*page terms and conditions of use apply to each member as soon as that member logs onto my E*page service on the www.tripages.com website. They take precedence over previous terms and conditions and may be modified at any time by TRIPAGES. Such modifications become immediately effective from the moment that they are put on line.

1.2 Security

TRIPAGES applies a full set of measures designed to limit the risks associated with intrusion, piracy and the introduction of viruses into its servers and on its website.

TRIPAGES is unable to offer any absolute guarantee of security, insofar as Internet is an open network that is, by its very nature, sensitive to such risks.

The user member of the E*page service and other associated services declares that they are aware of these risks and assume them. In no case whatsoever may TRIPAGES be held liable for any direct or indirect prejudice and/or harm incurred due to any interruption, malfunction, suspension and/or end of the my E*page service.

2. my E*page

2.1 Operation

My E*page is a service on the www.tripages.com website that centralizes all the bespoke services and profile information of each member subscribing to the site.

My E*page enables each member to access all the information and functions of their E*Page, to make any modifications and to publish information directly on the TRIPAGES website.

Some modifications may lead to supplementary costs, which will then be invoiced by TRIPAGES to the member.

Modifications are published on the website within a maximum period of 72 hours commencing their validation by each member.

Each member guarantees that the information provided to TRIPAGES is exact and up-to-date when subscribing. Nevertheless, TRIPAGES may not be held liable for any inaccurate or out-of-date information forwarded by a member, including translations supplied by the member.

Each member guarantees that the information provided to TRIPAGES is exact and up-to-date when subscribing. Moreover, TRIPAGES may not be held liable for any inaccurate or out-of-date information forwarded by a member.

Each member undertakes to refrain from impeding the correct functioning of my E*page in any way whatsoever, and shall especially ensure that they do not excessively overload the bandwidth and/or transmit elements that may damage, intercept and/or interfere with all or part of the TRIPAGES website.

Each member undertakes to only use my E*page service for the sole purposes authorized by these terms and conditions.

2.2 User identifier and passwords

In order to access the myE*page services, each member must enter a user identifier (their contact e-mail) and the password attributed by TRIPAGES. The user may then make modifications to it and choose a new password

Should the new password be forgotten, each member may request that their original password be sent again.

Each member undertakes to keep any user identifier and chosen password strictly confidential.

Use is deemed to be made by the member. TRIPAGES may not be held liable in any way whatsoever should the user identifier and password be used by a third party.

2.3 Private data

Any private data gathered may be accessed and modified in myE*page. This information is used in accordance with TRIPAGES’ practices governing private data, information on which is available at the following address:

3. Intellectual property rights

TRIPAGES and its logo are registered trademarks. They are the exclusive property of TRIPAGES. Any editorial elements and contents of the www.tripages.com website (especially trademarks, texts, graphics, logos, animations, etc.) are the exclusive property of TRIPAGES, except for elements contributed by TRIPAGES’ partners and others. All rights of reproduction and representation of www.tripages.com website are reserved for all countries and for all media, present and/or future.

4. Contents

TRIPAGES hereby reminds members that they are strictly forbidden from putting on-line through my E*page any contents that are protected by intellectual property rights without the prior and formal authorization of the concerned right-holders. Failure to observe this condition may result in the member incurring sanctions laid down by law.

TRIPAGES fights cyber squatting

Terms and conditions

The TRIPAGES site and brand have existed on the web since 2011. Millions of Internet users have searched for suppliers and products on TRIPAGES.com in the intervening time. Unfortunately success on this scale attracts cybercriminals intent on exploiting the quality and usefulness of TRIPAGES for themselves without any respect for the law and at the expense of the interests of both TRIPAGES and its users.

These individuals insidiously purchase domain names that are akin to or resemble that of TRIPAGES for the purpose of reselling them, altering the visibility of TRIPAGES by creating sites that imitate the TRIPAGES logo and/or search engine, or enticing users away from TRIPAGES by breaching their trust.

TRIPAGES deprecates these practices. We cannot accept that our users are taken in by these cyber squatters. Thus the TRIPAGES, which is the rightful owner of its copyrighted brands and domain names, regularly institutes proceedings against these web confidence tricksters, and with the help and efficiency of its lawyers, always wins its cases.