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Category: Water Engineering
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The Davis & Shirtliff Group is the leading supplier of water related equipment in the East African region. Founded in 1946, business activities are focused on six principal product sectors - water pumps, borehole equipment, water treatment, swimming pools, solar products and generators. The group is Kenyan based and operates through a network of Kenyan branches as well as regional subsidiaries in Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Davis & Shirtliff regionally distributes high quality equipment from a number of industry leading companies from around the world as well as carrying out manufacture and assembly of various water related products. With a total staff complement of over 350, particular emphasis has been placed on infrastructure investment and the company is extremely well resourced with modern office facilities, a fully integrated ICT network and large product and spare parts stocks. It is also ISO 9001:2008 certified to demonstrate its quality focus. Recognising that the provision of efficient water supply is essential for the region's economic development, Davis & Shirtliff is committed to playing a major role in this vital industry by offering a comprehensive and competitive product range with regional availability and unrivalled technical and service support

D&S’s strategic direction has since its first introduction been driven by a well defined strategic philosophy. This philosophy was drafted in 1991 and the relevance of the priorities established then have been the genesis of Groups developed ever since. Though evolved with circumstances, the sentiments and aspirations remain essentially unchanged and are as relevant today as when first articulated. They are as follows:-

Guiding Principle:

One person working alone is limited in their endeavors.
Many people working together have no limit to their achievement.


The Davis & Shirtliff Group aspires to become a World Class organisation comparable in every way to the best international standards by demonstrating exceptional levels of corporate performance, professionalism and integrity and must set the example that an indigenous African organisation can compete at the highest level in its selected field of activity.


The Davis & Shirtliff Group will concentrate on and dominate its selected markets segments through the dedicated pursuit of excellence in all aspects of its activities. Particular emphasis will be placed on wholesaling and distribution of a defined range of complementary products and the company will expand by growth in volume of existing products into new geographical areas and also by the introduction of new and innovative products in associated market sectors.

The principal corporate objectives are to provide an exceptional level of service to customers, close and mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers, rewarding and satisfying careers for employees and growth of the company asset base whilst at the same time making a worthwhile contribution to the region and its environment.

Core Values:


Integrity is not only a moral issue, it is sound business practice and dealing with utmost integrity with all stakeholders including suppliers, customers, the government, staff, management and the community in an inviolable corporate principal. 


Everything the Company does must reflect the highest standards of quality including products, customer dealings, systems, premises, staff presentation and branding. An obsessive focus on quality is one of the most important attributes in building competitive advantage. 

‘Altiora Peto’

A Latin phrase that means ‘I seek higher things’, or there is never acceptance of the status quo and change and improvement must be a continuous process.