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  • Telephone: 257 22243206 ,257 22243207
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  • Postal Address: P.O.BOX 2998 Burundi
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  • Location: Central, Bujumbula, burundi
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FINBANK was founded as a leasing company in 2001.
Converted into a commercial Bank in 2003 and
The share capital was gradually increased from 1 billion Burundi Franks in 2001 to BIF 10 Billions in 2010.
Underwent a restructuring program from 2004 to 2005.
Returned to profitability in 2006
Acquired by Access Bank Plc in 2008
Started an integration process in 2009.
Started a recapitalization process which saw its share capital reach BIF 10 Billions in 2011
Acquired by DILLUX SA in 2013

About Us

FINBANK  commenced operations in 2002 and became a part of the Access Bank Group through its acquisitionFINBANK operates with strategic correspondent banks like:


bullet FINBANKFINBANK is a corporate bank and it intends to drive its commercial and consumer banking platform through this.

bullet FINBANKThe corporate head office is located  in BUJUMBURA.

bullet FINBANKFINBANKā€™s strategy is to establish active banking relationship with all the top 5 players in each strategic business sector.

Finbank Products and Services

l FINBANKStandard Current Account

This is a simple and straightforward checking account, providing easy access to your  money through our range of branches.


b FINBANKMinimum Opening balance of BIF 100,000.

b FINBANKCheque Book on demand.

b FINBANKNo limit on number of withdrawals.

b FINBANKEasy access to your money over the counter.

b FINBANKSettle your bills using direct debits and standing orders.

b FINBANKMonthly statements to help you keep track of your balance

ll FINBANK Standard Saving Account

The Standard savings Account is an account which helps you save towards future financial security.


b FINBANKMinimum opening balance of BIF 100,000

b FINBANKIt pays competitive fixed Interest rate.

b FINBANKNo monthly maintenance charges.

b FINBANKInterests are compounded daily and paid either quarterly or annually as per your request.

b FINBANKThe account can be used as overdraft protection for your checking account.

lll FINBANKKazoza Savings Account

b FINBANKThe account is designed to provide your child with a head start in life.


b FINBANKMinimum opening balance of BIF 100,000.

b FINBANKIt pays competitive fixed Interest rate (5%).

b FINBANKMinimum deposit tenor of 3 years.

b FINBANKAccess to school loan after 3 years.

b FINBANKNo monthly maintenance charges.

b FINBANKInterests are compounded daily and paid either quarterly or annually as per request.

llll FINBANKFortune Plus

b FINBANKTerm Deposit accounts paying credit interest up front.

b FINBANKMinimum deposit amount of BIF 1 Million.

b FINBANKIt pays competitive fixed Interest rate.

b FINBANKNo monthly maintenance charges.

lllll FINBANK Other Products & Services include:

b FINBANKLending products

r FINBANKTerm loans

r FINBANKOverdraft

r FINBANKBill discount facilities

r FINBANKFinance Leases ( currently limited on Vehicle Leases)

r FINBANKStaff loans

r FINBANKContingent Facilities

b FINBANKForeign Trade Finance



r FINBANKDocumentary Remittance

b FINBANKTransfers

b FINBANKTreasury Transactions

r FINBANKInterbank takings

r FINBANKInterbank Placements


Soon in Finbank

b FINBANKInternet Banking

b FINBANKMobile Banking



b FINBANKDebit Cards

b FINBANKCredit Cards

Terms and Conditions

At Finbank, we aim to ensure that you are kept informed of the interest that you will earn or pay and charges that apply to your account.

b FINBANKInterest on Deposit:

r FINBANKRange between 1% to 10% per year but is flexible to align with the market environment.

b FINBANKInterests on loans and Advances:

r FINBANKRange between 12% to 19% per year and is variable to suit every loan profile

b FINBANKCommissions and Charges:

r FINBANKCommissions on Bank Guarantees: Between 0% to 2.5% per quarter.

rr FINBANKFacility Fees: 1% of Loan amount ( Max BIF 2 Millions)