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About us

Kigali Independent University ULK is a Higher Learning Institution, created on 15th March 1996 and accredited by the Convention no 001/98 of 02/02/1998 with the Government of the Republic Of Rwanda.ULK got its own status by the ministerial order no 001/17 of June 07th, 2002.


Kigali Independent University ULK is destined to stand out as a remarkable university for excellence at the heart of Africa with highly motivated students and highly qualified personnel endowed with elevated ethical values. ULK also takes pride in its very modern infrastructures and equipments and endeavours to perfectly fulfill its mission before God.


Kigali Independent University’s mission is to provide people with a training which may enable them to become actors and organisers of a complete development of our nation. In this respect, research work is basically focused on topics of local, national and regional interests.


Despite ULK’s legal status of “private institution”, meaning that functions using its own means, ULK takes patience and allows gradual payments from students who don’t have the capacity to pay the fees at once.
Furthermore, RWIGAMBA BALINDA’s FOUNDATION assists students deprived of financial capacities with a grant (a loan) without any interest. Since its creation in 2001 up to the academic year 2012-2013, the Foundation has granted bursaries to 2,874 students of ULK (Kigali and Gisenyi Campuses) to help them complete their university studies.