Ssali has built a business empire in the UK

It is a common perception that the overwhelming majority of Ugandans in the United Kingdom (UK) survive by doing odd jobs (kyeyo). Maybe there is some truth to that; maybe not. One thing that is certainly true is that Swaleh Ssali is among the few Ugandans who have successfully ventured into business in the UK.

He is the owner of the popular Nile Bar and Restaurant and Nile Supermarket, both establishments found on West Green Road, Tottenham in North London. He is also co-owner of Express Money Transfer, a money transfer and courier company, which started about a year ago and operates throughout the world with close to a £1m (sh4.4b) repatriated. This is no mean achievement for a Senior Three dropout, who ended up in London accidently.

On a recent visit to London, SEBIDDE KIRYOWA caught up with Ssali, who narrated to him how he grew from an illegal immigrant mopping the underground train stations to the successful businessman he is.

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